Monday, December 7, 2009

Wire Drawing Equipment and tools

Equipment and tools



Typical driven roll pointer

Detail of roll assembly

Pointers as the name implies is used to put a taper (or point) on the start end of the wire so that it can be threaded through the die

Pull in dogs

Pull in dogs are used to grip the wire end as it comes through the die and once the dog is fastend to the block the wire can be pulled through the die and will then wrap round the block

Butt welders

Butt welders are used to join wire ends. This is done through resistance welding.

The wire ends are secured by two clamps one end to each clamp and the wire ends are then moved together at the same time as electricity is passed between the two clamps through the wire. The excess material forms a burr that is then removed once the two ends have been joined.


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