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OTO Type Wire Drawing Machine

Assomac offers wide range of high speed state of the art study. O.T.O./ B.B. Type Wire Drawing Machines. The construction of the machine is such that it can withstand rugged workshop conditions of Wire Drawing Plant and can guarantee the performance and accuracy with least maintenance. These O.T.O./B.B. Type Dry Wire Drawing Machine have wide field applications in Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper Wire Drawing. The wire is drawn through a die which is fitted in independant Die Box and is accumulated on the Block, and later being taken through the OTO Pulley to the next Die. BB Block is Twist Free Type Machine with Free Bobbin Block for accumulation and transfer to next block and is better for higher speed & better finish materials.

  • 760/650/610/560/450/350/300mm Single / Multi Speed, Non-Slip, Block Type, Continuous Dry Wire Drawing Machines.
  • Continues Type in Line Machine for Large Cross Sectional Reduction Inlet size up to 12mm. Wire Rods
  • Combination with 'B.B.' Type Machines for High Speed Applications. AC fixed speed with Speed Change Gear Box or variable speed A C / D C Drive is offered
  • Heavy Duty Worm and Worm Wheel type Fabricated Gear Boxes with Standard Greaves (RADICON) & NAW Gears.
  • Combinations of Heli-Worm or Bevel Helical Gear Reduction if required. Dry/Wet Lubricant Type Die Boxes with Optional Rotating Die and Motorized Soap Applicators
  • Die Chamber with Forced Water Cooling Indirectly or Directly.
  • Optional Pneumatic/Electro Magnetic, Brakes on Machines
  • Operator Consol provided on Independent Block or Common Floor Standing type Control Desk
  • Inching with Foot Operated Pedal Switch Reverse/Forward.
  • Graded Cast Iron Drums with Chrome Carbide Hard Matrix at Drawing Portion. 1 Forced Water Cooled Drums for Longer Drum Life and Cooler Drawn Wire.
  • Additionally Air Cooled Drums with specially Designed Uniform Cooling Air Jackets Wire Unloading Trough Stripper Blocks, Dead Block Coiler or Spooler.
Assomac Machines Ltd.Assomac Machines Ltd.

Assomac Machines Ltd.

  • Wire Pull-in-Dog
  • Wire Pointing Machine
  • Wire Stripper
  • Pay off Stand/Coil Binders
  • Wire Rope Hoist
  • Straightening & Indenting Rollers
  • Wire Butt Welders

BB Type Wire Drawing Machine

Application : For Drawing Stainless Steel / High Carbon Wire
Twist free with High Torsion Values Specially for Spring Grades.
Capstan : 560 / 460 / 400 / 350 / 300mm
Inlet : 5.5mm to 1.6mm
Finish : 4.0mm to 0.6mm
Speed : 5 to 15 meters /sec.
Drive : State of the Art A.C Frequency Converter Variable Speed Control
Assomac Machines Ltd.Assomac Machines Ltd.

SLM Dancer Control

This type of Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine has the drums in vertical axis without any incline the wire transfer happens through two fixed pulleys and on moving pulley mounted on a dancing arm. This dancing arm is either spring loaded or pneumatic loaded with sensor to provide

There is a constant length of wire on the drum and the wire from drawing drum is transferred to the next die through the fixed pulleys and the dancer pulley in the inclined plane.

This machine is particularly suitable for Wires below 4 mm diameter and necessarily required for wire sizes below1.5mm. Other features, fitments, optional attachments remain same as offered along with Straight Line Sensor Control Type Machine.
Assomac Machines Ltd.Assomac Machines Ltd.

Assomac Machines Ltd.

BLOCK SIZE300400450500560610750
Max. INLET WIRE ROD (C=0.80%)2.63.544.55.56.510
Max. SPEED (mtr./sec)25252525201812
Max. POWER (kw)1518.52230404575

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