Monday, December 14, 2009

Heavy Fabrication and Machinery Job Work

We, at Vivek Enterprises, are committed towards providing excellence in our heavy fabrication and machinery job works. Our years of experience allow us to offer a wide variety of custom precision wires to our manufacturing clients. Our strength comes from our engineers and workers who develop precision wire forms for a large variety of applications.

Corrosion resistant
Superior strength
Easy fabrication
Low maintenance
Low thermal conductivity
High load capacity
Resistant to chipping and cracking

Vivek Enterprises is capable of undertaking Heavy Fabrication and Machinery Job Work of upto 1.50- 4.5meter length.

We can take up turning jobs of 2.5 meters 0 x 600 mm. and of 1.5 meters x 4.5 meters. We are well known in the industry for our quality and time bound-working style.


Capability:As per the buyer's specifications
Place of origin:India

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