Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wire Galvanizing Plant (G.I. Plant)

The Wire Galvanizing Plant is suitable for making nets and networks for winding, baling, hanging, hauling or as overhead wires. Our products have good pliability along with an excellent tensile strength. They are break resistance and have anti-corrosion qualities inherent in them. The wires are coated with a thick layer of pure zinc. One can be sure that our products quality will not change and no flaking off of zinc coating will happen even after long and repeated uses. The wires have a bright finish with an even and attractive zinc coating.


  • Line to 40 line Cold Dip/Hot Dip Galvanizing

  • Feeding - Continuous Annealing/Pre Annealed Wire

  • Fumeless Pickling/Conventional Pickling

  • Horizontal Take-up/Vertical Drop Coiler

  • Customized Coil Weight (15 Kg. to 500 Kg.)

  • Size Range: 6mm to 1.6mm / l.4mm to 0.8mm / 0.7mm to 0.2mm

  • Features

    Capability:As per the buyer's specification
    Place of origin:India

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