Saturday, December 12, 2009

MIG Wire Plant

Vivek Enterprises offers a high speed integrated Copper Coating line for high-speed continuous drawing and inline copper coating of MIG welding quality low carbon steel wires. Its honored customers entrust Vivek Enterprises with the responsibility of providing a modem high production machine. Thus, the drawing board has developed a high speed, simple to operate, low cost and low down time machine to suit its customer’s needs. The line basically consists of payoff with entanglement sensing arrangement, 11 Die five spindle wet drawing machine, Stainless Steel or FRP/PP Copper Coating tank with rotating finishing die, triple deck BB- block for skin pass with killing arrangement and Spooler for plastic spools or cheese spools. Also pointing-cum-threading machine, butt-welding machine, control panel and control desk are a part of the complete plant. The Drawing, Copper Coating and Spooling Line for Welding wire, work on only one vertical plane, with no torsion of the wire. It has an independent pulling capstan, after the treatment tank along with a variable drive.

Machine Input/Output
Maximum Speed: 10 meter/second
Maximum Production Per Day: 2500 Kgs. (Size: 1.0mm)
Feeding Size: 2.5mm or 2.0mm
Finish Size: 1.6mm to 0.8mm
EB Machine Combination: Dry Blocks / Wet Wire Drawing Machine

Plant Features and Options

  • Wet Drawing Concept

  • High Speed Belt Drive for sound less efficient Transmission of power or Helical Gear Drive in Wet Drawing Machine.

  • Tungsten Carbide Drawing Cones for long service period or Carbon Steel Drawing Cones for economy.

  • Copper coating tank made out of Stainless Steel or Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Poly Propylene material with five/six chambers with the required heating arrangements.

  • Cast Nylon and Graded synthetic pulleys for corrosion resistance in coppering tank.

  • Adjustable Killing Rollers nine each in Vertical and Horizontal planes for proper Cast and Helix both at BB Block and spooler.

  • Wire accumulation at BB- Block for continued working when spooler stops.

  • Pneumatic clamping of spools and wire for faster working at the spooler.

  • Traverse with fine Variable Pitch adjustment using A.C. Variable Drive or variable Using traverse.

  • Complete plant controlled by one man using the control desk having variable speed drives.

  • Technical Data

    Inlet Wire Dia : 2.4-2.0mm
    Finish Wire Dia : 1.6/1.2/0.8/0.6mm
    No. Of Dies : 1 Dry + 11 Wet + 1Skin Rotating Die
    Line Speed : 8-12 Mts./Sec
    Power Requirement : 7.5HP at Pre Drawing Block
    50HP at Wet Drawing
    15 HP at BB Block
    5 HP at Spooler
    Brakes : Pneumatic Disk or Electromagnetic Drum type
    Drive : Imported Toothed Belts & Pulleys, Plain and V-belts.
    Controls : P.L.C. Controlled or Synchronized A.C. Variable Frequency Drives Panel, with operator console.


    Capability:As per the buyer's specifications
    Place of origin:India

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