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Products : New Cable Machines ( Wire Equipments )

Detail Information

Description :
This model is designed through years of our experience and modern technology so as to ensure good performance and its high efficiency.

Specification :
1. Continuous softening and tie-plating action may be obtained simultaneously. 
2. Tin-plating in tank may be made horizontally or vertically. 
3. Applied in the process of tin-plating is an eye viewing die, which may be used in conjunction with tungsten steel die or diamond die. 
4. Thermo-preserving system of the tinning oven and annealing oven is made after careful studies by experts.
5. Hence, uniform temperature may be obtained and power consumption is relatively low. 
6. This machine is equipped with a feeding wheel whose speed may be adjusted according to requirements by a sliding speed controller. 
7. Wire winder is made for horizontal operation; so it is easy to discharge the wire. 
8. The wire winder uses a motor of special torque.

New Wire Drawing Machines

Detail Information

Description :
1. 50HP, motor for main body, low pressure wire winding type. 
2. 1HP pump for oil of wire drawing, 4P. 
3. Stepped wheel of cast steel and tungsten steel, 4-stop type. 
4. Take-off wheel made of tungsten single step. 
5. 2HP motor for the rolling machine. 
6. Spooling machine. 
7. Electric brake, 60kgs/M. 
8. Movable controller is to be used on the. 
9. Wire sotup machine. 
10. Voltage regulator, 20A, 60V. 
11. Torgue motor, 2.5kw. 
12. Use Japanese NSK bearing. 
13. Design for stopping the machine when wire breaks. 
14. The machine stops automatical when spool is fully loaded.

Specification :
1. Inlet wire finished wire dia: 3.2 ¢m/m~0.4¢m/m.
2. Wire speed: 650~1000 m/mm. 
3. Number of dies: 17. 
4. Spooling capacity: 100~600kg. 
5. Speed decrease rate: 15%.
6. Lubrication: hydraulic. 
7. Annealing wire dia: 0.4~1.6 ¢m/m. 
8. Annealing wire speed: 1200 m/min maxi. 
9. Annealing method: 3 phase SCR control. 
10. Cooling method: water tower cooling. 
11. Capacity: 50KVA. 
12. Voltage: 220V-440V.

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