Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Wire Drawing Machines

Detail Information

Description :
1. 5HP 6P motor for the machine body. 
2. Ceramic stepped wheel, 9 steps. 
3. Ceramic take-off wheel, single step. 
4. Electric clutch, 6KW. 
5. Electric brake, 12KW. 
6. Japanese KOYO programable computer. 
7. Control box, one each for front & rear. 
8. Wire rowing machine, precision belt type 
9. 1 / 60HP Tension Motor for the pushing-roller. 
10. Stainless steel safty cover, dual layer. 
11. Adjustable dis shoe. 
12. Spooler of expansion type. 
13. Electric parts of shinlin products. 
14. Belt of German M-1000.

Specification :
1. Inlet wire dia: 0.32¢m/m-0.16¢m/m.
2. Finished wire dia: 0.12¢m/m-0.05¢m/m.
3. Number for dies: 20 pieces.
4. Speed decrease rate: 10%. 
5. Spooling capacity: 20kg up to 40kg.

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