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Cold Ribbed Wire Plant

Assomac offers high speed integrated Cold Ribbed Wire Plant for high-speed continuous drawing and ribbing of mild steel low carbon wire rods used for construction bars & mesh welding.

ASSOMAC entrusted by its honored customers with the responsibility of providing a modern high speed, simple to operate, low cost and low down time machine had to go to the drawing board and come up with several offerings to suit customer needs. The line basically consists of double Skeen Type Tilting Pay Off hydradically operated with entanglement sensing arrangement, for high sped non stop high speed wire rod pay off, inline descaler in horizontal and vertical plane with motorised brushing arrangement, double deck drawing cum ribbing machine with two speed gear box with lower deck for sizing and upper deck for ribbing Jine consist of imported ribbing cassette having option for different ribbing patterns, cheese type spooler with hydraulically operated traverse, spool clamping, spool lifting and spool shifting for fast and easy loading un loading of spools Also Pointing Machine, Butt-Welding Machine, variable speed A.C.Vector Frequency Drive Control Panel and Operator Control Station are part of the complete plant.

Cold Ribbed Wire PlantCold Ribbed Wire Plant
Cold Ribbed Wire Plant

Plant Features and Options

  • Die / Die Less Concept
  • Hydraulic Tiltable Dual Head Pay Off for Continuos Easy Feeding of Wire Rod Coils by Overhead Crane Qrfork Lift.
  • Hydraulic Tiltable Neck Type Overhead Pulley for Faster Stinging Operation and Easy Operator Reach.
  • Dual Plane Adjustable Roller Type Descaler with Hardened Wear Resistant Rollers with High Service Life with Inline Motorized Brushing Unit for Absolute Scale Free Rod Surface.
  • Motorized Lube Box for Better Lubricant Coating Before Pre-Drawing.
  • Double Deck Chromium Carbide Matrix Coated Capstans Internally Watercooled for Long Service Life.
  • Suitable Operator Safety Features Built-in the System like Guards, Wire Brake Sensors, Emergency Locks, Etc.
  • Pneumatic Clamping, Shifting, Lifting and Setting of Spools for Faster Working Atthe Spooler.
  • Traverse with Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders with Hardened Guide Rods .
  • Complete Plant Controlled by One Operator from the Control Desk Having Well Programmed Production Process.

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