Monday, December 7, 2009

Muffle Tube Furnace

The Muffle or Tube the Direct Fired are built for the continuous in-line austenitizing or annealing of multiple wire strands. High velocity burners are mounted along both sides of the furnaces in a staggered pattern that produces excellent temperature uniformity. Pressure controled combustion available on some furnaces gives a high turn-down ratio and efficient multiple burner control.

On most modern furnaces the combustion systems are arranged in multiple zones of control and can be oil, gas or dual fuel fired. Several layers of high quality refractory lining on the furnace gives efficient operation and establish low skin temperatures. The furnace shells on most modern furnaces are designed with a robust welded steel construction divided into modular units with bolted flanges.

The wires travel longitudinally through the furnace in individual protective atmosphere muffle tubes. Flow meters supply inert gasses to each special alloy
tube that is supported above the refractory hearth. The burners are mounted below the tubes and effectively heat their surface by radiation, convection and conduction. The combustion chamber is sealed to insure safe operation and a high thermal efficiency. It is important that the selected components are of the highest quality to ensure a long trouble free life


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