Monday, December 7, 2009

The roll sensor controlled straight-line wire drawing machine

Roll senors bring economic advantages

  • Better productivity due to higher drawing speeds in normal production
  • High degree of reliability - low downtime
  • Much better finish wire quality due to a gentler handling of the wire during the drawing process (less wire deviations, no torsion etc.) as well as an optimised wire cooling
  • Easy operation
  • Better environmental conditions due to increased dust protection, air cooling required only for large diameter high carbon wires
  • Greater flexibility and lower current consumption due to modern drive technology
  • Lower noise level compared to older type machines

Optional features

  • Foot pedals for inching operation
  • First block in combination sensor roll/OTO design
  • Last block designed as finishing capstan
  • Rotary die holder for specific resp. all blocks
  • Quick die change cassettes
  • Pressure die systems
  • Soap boxes with stirrers
  • Environmental guarding system
  • Special cast killing systems for speciality products, e.g. bead wire
  • Cooling water flow/temperature control units

Sensor roll control

  • Very flexible - same control system from wire dia. 0,2 to 16 mm at all drawing speeds
  • Avoids uncontrolled back-pull
  • Straight wire path
  • Self-regulating and -correcting
  • Easy to string-up
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Low maintenance

Capstan cooling system

  • Optimum cooling effect which increases with the speed
  • Self-cleaning, maintains consistent cooling over time
  • Can use coarse filtered industrial water in wide temperature range, up to 35 ºC
  • No rotating seals

Pneumatic, high speed brake system

  • Normal stop:
  • under ramp down control within 15 - 30 sec.
  • Quick stop (wire break):
  • brakes under control, stop in 3 - 5 sec. without additional wire breaks
  • Emergency stop:
  • machine in 1 sec., spooler/coiler in 1 - 3 sec.

Soap box and die holder

  • Special design of last die box, with scale, for fine setting of cast and helix
  • Opening for vacuum hose at every die
  • Vibration dampening devices at high speed blocks

Drawing capstan

    Drawing capstan

  • Various block coating systems available, depending on the wire material to be drawn.
    Includes coatings e.g. ceramic, CDS "continuous detonation system", conventional plasma spray etc.

Computer drawing system CDS

  • Third generation computer system (more than 400 computer controlled KOCH machines in operation)
  • Continuous color graphic display of important operating data such as speed, die status and spool/coil status
  • Operator friendly interface for all machine operational and control functions
  • Easy trouble shooting
  • Interface for data acquisition
  • Upware compatible - easy future upgrades through software

Frequency controlled A.C.-drive

  • Transistor controlled A.C./A.C. converter
  • Controlled by means of the pulse width modulation system (P.W.M.)
  • Constant power factor (cos.phi) of better than 0,95 at all speeds and load conditions
  • Digital and microprocessor controlled
  • No need of compensation and low harmonic feedback to the net
  • Readout display
  • Interfacing for data acquisition

Digital bus system

  • One communication cable replaces hundreds of control wires
  • Significant saving of cost and time in the installation of the machine
  • Simpler wiring system reduces problems and simplifies trouble shooting
  • Allows data acquisition and remote trouble shooting of the control system and drives

Diagnostic system

  • Most details system analysis through bus system, down to drive details
  • Remote connection through modem allows on-line trouble shooting by KOCH engineers
  • Easy software update by modem

Digital speed control system

  • Unique KOCH technology, highly reliable
  • Utmost control flexibility, allows any drafting program and block skipping
  • Not affected by outside factors such as temperature and electrical interference
  • No potentiometers
  • No aging phenomena

Various further options available, as for example:

Stripper block

p111akgt.gif (12147 Byte)

Rotating die holder for specific resp. all blocks

p111bkgt.gif (11950 Byte)

Soap boxes with stirrers

p111ckgt.gif (10994 Byte)

Die take- up cassettes

p111idkg.gif (11983 Byte)

Dust suction systems

p111dkgt.gif (11261 Byte)

Environmental guarding

p111ekgt.gif (9087 Byte)

Water cooled A.C.- motors

p111fkgt.gif (11301 Byte)

"CDS" Computer system

p111gkgt.gif (7264 Byte)

Wire diameter measuring heads

p111hkgt.gif (9090 Byte)


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