Monday, December 7, 2009

Lead Furnaces

Lead Furnaces are used for several continuous wire heat-treatment processes including; Patenting, quenching, and tempering of high carbon wire, and annealing of low carbon wire. The furnace is built and designed to suit the application and the specific production requirements.

Nozzle mix burners fire under a heavy walled steel pan in a staggered pattern producing exceptional temperature uniformity. In designing the furnace special attention must be given to heat flux and selection of materials to assure a long pan life.

The combustion systems are normally arranged in multiple zones of control and can be oil, gas or dual fuel fired. Several layers of high quality refractory line the furnace to maintain efficient operation and establish low skin temperatures.

Lead Quench Furnace

Liquid metal pumps continuously re-circulate the lead to dissipate heat from the quench zone. Additional cooling is provided in the area by controlled forced air flow through submersed cooling tubes. The bottom firing burners provide heat input for start-up and for low production situations. The quench furnace is also equipped with heavy duty sinker mechanisms and a state of the art combustion and control system.

Lead Annealing Furnace

The lead annealing furnace is fired in multiple zones of temperature control to produce a consistent and fast heat-transfer to the wires. Optional covers and a fume extraction system can be provided to minimize the environmental impact and increase safety. Fabrication of the heavy walled pan should include stress relieving and a complete weld inspection to assure a long life.

Double Pan Lead
Annealing Furnace

Sketch & photo courtesy of qed


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