Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The automatic welding machine type "SAR".

The automatic welding machine type "SAR" was been realized for the production of meshes having various usefulness as follow: bird cages, equipments for breeding, panel for safety guards, panels for wall and prefabrivated reinforcements in concrete, net fencings, shelves and containers for household electrical appliances. The standards models may have difference width from 1200 mm minimum to 1650 mm maximum and them are particularly able to pruduce meshes having irregular dimensions and shapes with non-uniform distances among various wires cross and longs wires. The machine operate with automatic-cycle by taking long wires from coils, while the cross ones fed in pre-cutted and straightened bars by a magazine-loading hopper. Welding pitches, currents and productions parameters are programmables by electronic operative panel installed on electric general plant.

For special panels of meshes there are accessories as: double cross wires hopper, lateral trimmers to cross bars projections or to cut the mesh in two or three strips, ot to open windows on meshes (cage doors). The indexer is drived by electronic motor type BRUSHLESS with controlled pitch and very strictly tollerancies to guarantee extreme precision. It's very important to accentrate that the machine operate by electronic management having hight productivity and a big trustiness.

sar 2500 varo


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