Friday, December 11, 2009

Wet Wire Drawing Machine

Multi Spindle and multi dies as 13 die,
17die, 21die machines with spooler or
with vertical drum attachment for
coiling the finish wire sizes at a fix
speed or variable speed with A.C.
drives and D.C. drives.

High efficiency circulation pump for lubricating the dies.
Hardened and helical teeth ground gears submerged in lubrication oil.
High Carbon high chromium/tungsten carbide made cone rings as per customer's choice.
Final Speeds: 400 to 800 meters/minute.
All rotating parts dynamic balanced.
Variable A.C. drives and D.C. drives (Optional)

Material Drawn: Stainless Steel Wire, Mild Steel Wire, Galvanised Wire, Nichrome Wire, Copper & Aluminium Wire

Wire Galvanizing Plant

10 line to 40 line Cold Dip/Hot Dip Galvanising
Feeding - Continuos Annealing/Pre Annealed Wire
Fumeless Pickling/Conventional Pickling
Horizontal Takeup/Vertical Drop Coiler
Customised Coil Weight (15 Kg. to 500 Kg.)
Size Range: 6mm to 1.6mm / 1.4mm to 0.8mm / 0.7mm to 0.2mm

Wire Drawing Machine (BB.Block Type)

Input Size : 4.0mm to 2.7mm
Finish Size : 1.2mm to 0.8mm
Final Speeds : 400 to 700 meters/minute

MIG Wire Plant

Drawing, Copper Coating and Spooling Line for Welding wire, working on only one vertical plane, with no torsion of the wire. Independent pulling capstan, after the treatment tank with variable drive.
Maximum Speed: 10 Meter/second
Maximum Production Per Day: 2500 Kgs. (Size: 1.0mm)
Feeding Size: 2.5mm to 2.0mm
Finish Size: 1.6mm to 0.8mm
Machine Combination: Dry Blocks / Wet Wire Drawing Machine

8 Blocker Binding Wire Machine

Input Size: 2.6mm to 2mm
Finish Size: 1mm to 0.8mm
Speeds: 300 meters to 425 meters per minute
Feeding Material: Mild Steel Annealed Wire
Production Per Day: 2400 Kgs. (Size: 0.9mm)

Wire Annealing Furnaces

Material Handling Equipments
Electric Operated Wire Rope Hoists
E.O.T. Cranes


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